The Ring Boxing Club

The Lowdown

True or False? I have to get in the ring with some Tyson look-a-like.

False. Sparring is 100% optional.

But, if you decide to compete, you'll have a coaching staff with a combined 250+ experience in your corer.

Things your treadmill can't give you:

  1. Street cred
  2. An adrenaline rush
  3. A high five
  4. A boxer's bod (complete with shredded arms and six pack)
  • Zero: amount of boxing experience needed for a free trial
  • 8-80: age range of members
  • 62: the number of classes per week included in your membership
  • 70.3: the average temperature we keep our spotless, pimped out, air-conditioned facility
  • Forty: Percentage of female members
  • The phrase most often heard after our classes: “Holy s#@*.”
  • 1: Boxing’s rank on ESPN2’s list of toughest workouts
  • Lorem ipsum...1: number of Boston-area boxing gyms located on the MBTA
  • 1: number of boxing classes you’ll need to get addicted
  • 900: average number of calories burned in a single class
  • Motivation: Just show up, we’ll do the rest.
  • 617.782.6946: the number to call when you finally admit that yoga and pilates just ain’t gettin’ the job done.

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