The Ring Boxing Club

We're famous!

Please don't hold it against us.

  • "... Ultimate full-body workout... More people are abandoning the repetition and monotony of those high-tech treadmills and ellipticals... This is no male-only club... Who among us couldn't use a little stress reduction?... Mind and body in perfect sync..."

  • "... They don't look like stereotypical boxers... puts through the paces as if you were a professional boxer... A lot of people found The Ring after they realized pilates and running just didn't get it done, but that boxing was a real workout."

  • "Check out The Ring Boxing Club….Whether you want to beef up, slim down, or just get tough, you won’t be disappointed. No cop-out workouts here." "Your first trial lesson is free, but you’ll be back…we pity the fool who doesn’t give this place a try."

  • "More and more women are now lacing up and jumping in The RIng... a rock 'em, sock 'em exercise program."

  • "a blast... Members working out at The Ring come in all ages, genders, shapes, skill levels... here they get a phenomenal, all encompassing workout that improves fitness and coordination and builds strength... and the improved confidence and self esteem that comes with that... indeed this is a highly demanding and exhaustive workout..."

  • "Old-school boxing and new-school workouts collide... puts you through the paces as if you were a real professional boxer.... You burn ridiculous amounts of calories and tone up fast... what's more, you also learn self defense."

  • "... Bostonians are putting on their 16-oz gloves and discovering that boxing is a good match...

    These folks are everyday city types... accountants and managers, lawyers and teachers... they want a challenge that goes beyond the monotony of lifting weights or treadmills..."