Our certified coaches are the real deal, boasting years of professional and amateur boxing experience. Whether you wanna beef up, slim down, or learn to jab like Muhammad Ali, they’ll put you through your paces like you’re training for a shot at the title!

No prior boxing experience needed and all fitness levels welcome.

Limited time bonus: All options include: brand-new boxing gloves and wraps to keep.

Private Lessons Fast-track your training with Private Lessons! Work one-on-one with a trainer who will create a customized workout plan built around your goals. Lessons are scheduled around your availability, so there's no worry about having to make class times work! You can also bring a roomie!


Small-Group Training We offer a range of small-group training both Indoors at the W Boston hotel, and Outdoors at local parks! These include our popular 12-Round Workouts and Technique classes. To get started, try our one-hour Intro to Boxing session!



While we may be tough guys, we take safety seriously. The gym is completely sanitized before and after every session using hospital-grade disinfectant and an electrostatic spray gun. Your trainer will be wearing a mask and face shield for additional safety. A face shield can also be provided to go over your own mask, upon request. You can choose to have a lesson all to yourself or bring a partner. We’re also happy to meet up outdoors or online if you’d prefer.


We are thrilled to announce that we have moved to a brand-new location at the swanky W Hotel in Boston's theater district -- just a block from the Boylston Street T-stop. The W is surrounded by street parking and we are also providing validation for a sweet deal in the Boston Common Garage -- just a five-minute walk away.

Train with us and soon you’ll be running victory laps around the Common, hands in the air, Rocky-style!




E-Mail us at RINGBOXINGCLUB.COM@GMAIL.COM with questions and follow us on INSTAGRAM for updates!

The Ring Boxing Club


Meet The Trainers

Experienced, Touch, Charming and Funny

The days of watching the clock at your corporate health club are over. The Ring is a “coaching facility,” which means it’s our job to put you through your workout. Our staff is the real deal—we’re the only club around whose coaches boast years of amateur and professional boxing experience. They also happen to be the most entertaining cast of characters you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting, and unlike your treadmill, they don’t come with an emergency stop button.

Want to hog a coach all to yourself? For information on private lessons call
617.782.6946, send us a note, or stop by the gym.

...a fun and unique workout at The Ring Boxing Club.....a class format with pro boxers as trainers.... a major motivator....an alternative workout environment.
— NECN, Style Boston

Rodney "The Punisher" Toney

  • Rod won the Golden Gloves after training for only two weeks and knowing only two punches – no, this is not normal or recommended. His quickest knockout took 13 seconds and one right hand, and although Rod doesn’t get paid to knock people out at The Ring, he might just oblige if you challenge him at Madden. He loves Curb your Enthusiasm, South Park, and Mr. T in ‘Rocky III’. Rod’s favorite post-fight meal is Kentucky Fried Extra Crispy Chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, and his favorite fighter is his father, Ring Boxing Club Coach Harold Combs.
  • Former pro boxer
    record of 29-4-4

    24 years experience

    Can be found: Joking with his class while barking out punch combinations and chugging Monster.

Jeff "Lefty" Leggett

  • Former sparring partner of World Champ Terry Norris, Jeff won his first seven pro fights by way of knockout. He’s one of the most inspiring coaches on staff and says that boxing is “better than therapy.” An avid chess player, Jeff teaches his students to stay two moves ahead of their opponents. He’s a big fan of Shrek, loves The Wizard of Oz, and can “watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all day long.” But it’s Jeff’s attention to detail, knowledge of the sport, and no-quit attitude that leave members wanting more.
  • Former pro boxer, record of 12-5-1

    24 years experience

    Can be found: Politely asking his classes for their blood, sweat, and tears.

Tommy "The Gooch" McInerney

  • Personal Coach of Boston Bruins Left Wing Shawn Thornton, Coach Tommy is all about form and technique and considers his ability to take a punch both his greatest strength and weakness. Favorite meal is anything his mother cooks, always eats dessert first, and has a single plastic fork and dorm-sized fridge instead of a kitchen. Tommy watches reruns of The Hills, hates coffee, and has coached everyone from pro boxers to regular Joes. He loves teaching anyone who’s willing to work hard, or anyone who brings him a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting.
  • Former amateur boxer

    17 years experience

    Can be found: Sparring members one-on-one or indulging his sweet tooth.

Kilbert "Kil" Pierce

  • Kil fought Riddick Bowe in the amateurs and was the first person ever to go the distance with Mike Tyson. Seriously. Throughout the 80's Kil made headlines as a 5X champ of the New England Golden Gloves and a Bronze medalist in the 1986 Goodwill Games against Russia. Train with him and he'll drop knowledge on you like he dropped Joe Allen.
  • Former pro boxer
    Record of 7-1-0

    32 years experience

    Can be found: putting classes through his "Torture Chamber" in Kil or Be Killed

Jen Miller

  • Jen started her training at 8 years old and has since competed in pretty much every combat sport you can think of --boxing, karate, kickboxing, muay thai-- you name it. Don't let her 4-foot 9 stature fool you...she'll kick your ass. Literally.
  • 20 years experience


    Can be found: doling out burpees like Xmas presents

John Hazard

  • John’s remarkable career includes coaching the Women’s National Team as well as many national and international amateur champions. Nicknamed “El Torito,” or “Baby Bull” for his speed and aggressiveness in the ring, his favorite part of Disney World is the plane ride home. One of the most experienced and articulate coaches you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting, John may be the only former U.S. Army Green Beret whose all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
  • Former amateur boxer
    Record of 134-5

    40+ years experience

    Can be found: Perfecting your punches in intensive technique clinics.

Nick Rothstein

  • A rare blend of artist and athlete, Nick is a natural-born teacher and boxing coach of The Boston Red Sox wives. He played semi-pro football for six years, is a published poet, and started boxing to “keep himself out of trouble.” He prides himself on teaching members the skills to defend themselves and the courage to walk away from a confrontation. Nick hates anything to do with the Twilight series and loves to see members walk out of his class exhausted.
  • Former amateur boxer
    Semi-pro football player

    15 years experience

    Can be found: Schoolin’ kids at Brookline High by day, Ring members by night.

Nic Emmons

  • Coach Nic has dedicated himself to the art of self-defense. Dude's spent a combined thirteen years training in combat sports and martial arts -- including boxing, judo and Krav Maga. With Nic's real-world self-defense training you'll be dropping the bad guys like Jason Bourne in no time.


    Can be found: showing his class how to take down armed assistants

Dave "Lil Batista" Mejia

  • Never an athletic kid in high school, Dave mistakenly wandered into The Ring while looking for Qdoba. Today, due to his tireless work ethic, Dave can do 103 pushups in 60 seconds, and arguably has the fastest hands in the gym. He’s terrified of spiders, including Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web, and his favorite post–fight meal is 15 pancakes at IHOP, which he inhales in one sitting.
  • Amateur boxer
    Two-time Golden Gloves finalist

    3 years experience

    Can be found: Whipping your ass into shape in his no-mercy, high-intensity class.

Sassan “The Professor” Tabatabai, PhD

  • Trained by the legendary Soviet Olympic boxing coach, Mikhail Grigorian, Sassan says that he fell in love with the sport of boxing because it is “the ultimate test of one’s own character. There are no teammates to rely on. Boxing is the purest form of sport possible." When not coaching at The Ring, Sassan is either teaching world literature and philosophy at B.U. or watching the Food Network while making his world-famous tacos.
  • Former amateur boxer

    20+ years experience

    Can be found: In Boston University lecture halls comparing the trials of Odysseus to George Foreman’s triumphant return to boxing.

Harold "Honey" Combs

  • An old friend of Joe Frazier’s, this humble member of the Boxing Hall of Fame considers himself a better coach than fighter. A former Boston Boxing Commissioner, Harold says his greatest achievement was watching his son, Ring Boxing Club Coach Rodney Toney, climb the ranks of the international boxing world. (Rod never lost a fight while Harold was in his corner.) He loves Dancing with the Stars, the two-and-a-half pound lobster dinner from Legal Seafoods, and winning.
  • Former pro boxer

    50+ years experience

    Can be found: Holding mitts for members when he's not polishing his son's Championship Title Belt.

"Big Tom" Jenkins

  • After watching Rocky at age 12, Big Tom became so inspired to box that he chugged raw eggs and wrapped a mattress around a column in his basement as a heavy bag. He bench-pressed 225 pounds 37 times in the NFL scouting tryouts and played in the AFL for 13 seasons, but gets terrible motion sickness on literally every ride at Disney World. He knows everyone’s name after one class and has eyes in the back of his head, so don’t even think about stopping your punches while his back is turned. Leaving his class with a dry T-shirt is not an option.
  • Former amateur boxer
    Ex-pro football player, College strength and conditioning coach.

    32 years experience

    Can be found: Putting you through a workout like your very own sparkle-free, 6-foot-4, Red Bull slammin’ fairy godmother.

David "Sully" Sullivan

  • Sully was trained by the legendary Eddie Futch—the same coach who trained Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Larry Holmes and Riddick Bowe. Even with all that he has accomplished, Dave still considers himself a student of the sport. He boxes every day while listening to soul artists Barry White and Lionel Richie on his iPod, and says a single three-minute round of boxing is the equivalent to running one mile. Sully is one of the most polite individuals you’ll ever meet, but don’t let that fool you – he’s got one of the nastiest left hooks in the business.
  • Former pro boxer
    Record of 9-2

    32 years experience

    Can be found: Passing down his Hall-of-Fame training methods to members.

Justin Kennard

  • Justin is proof that you can start boxing at any age. He won two amateur championships in his 50s and, with his use-it-or-lose-it attitude, doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He loves teaching members new punch combinations to add to their arsenals and likes Raging Bull because the “fight scenes don’t look fake.” Justin says boxing is a lot like chess – it takes fifteen minutes to learn the rules, but a lifetime to master.
  • Amateur boxer
    Two-time winner Ringside World Championship, Masters’ Division

    18 years experience

    Can be found: Sparring members with Zen-like patience.